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How Adult Intimate Toys Rose To The #1 Trend On Social Media

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Top 5 Adult Toy Companies

You may be interested in finding out more about the top brands in the adult toy sector. While many of the known brands are well-known and well-known there are a few lesser-known names that are making a name for their own. You may be surprised find out how diverse these companies are. If you're looking for a particular type of adult toy or are searching for a different brand entirely, you'll be in a position to find something you'll appreciate.


If you're looking for a sexual toy that is made from natural materials, then you might like to look into Chakrubs. Their sex toys are made out of crystals and do not require batteries. They are also ethically manufactured.

The Chakrubs company was created by Vanessa Cuccia. She is a US businesswoman. She worked for Pleasure Chest before starting her own brand.

Chakrubs provides a variety of products. From crystal sex toys to Xaga wands, Chakrubs is a brand that is focused on pleasing and adult toy companies aligning. It is believed to provide therapeutic benefits and can even aid in the treatment of sexual trauma.

Chakrubs is a well-known company for sex toys. They're not just a more ethical alternative to the traditional sex shop, but they're more natural. Most sex toys of the past are made from plastic.

Chakrubs, however, aren't made of plastic. They are made from 100% natural ingredients. Chakrubs are much less expensive than other sexually-oriented toys.

Chakrubs offers sexually stimulating toys as well as yoni eggs. These were originally developed by Gwyneth paltrow. These toys can help improve your sex life and help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Chakrubs also has an online community. It is a place to share your experiences with other members. You can read about their sex toys and discuss sex culture.

Another aspect of the community that is predominantly female is its gender mix. The sexual minority is concerned about protecting its members.


SheVibe is a sex toys retailer, offering a variety of hundreds of toys. The company was founded in 2006. The company is located in Newburgh NY. They offer US shipping at a low price. Their customer service is helpful.

The website is amazing. It has a comic-inspired layout that will engage customers. Users can filter products by price, width, or length that can be added. This feature lets users select the dildo that is best for their needs.

The company also offers weekly discounts as well as a rewards program. Every time a user purchases, they earn a point. These points can be used to redeem for money on future purchases. Customers are also able to sign up for the newsletter. Customers can also create a Wish List.

There are many options for sex toys like lingerie, lingerie and other specialty products. If you're new to sex toys shopping then the SheVibe site is a good place to start.

Although the site is fantastic, the pricing is slightly high. In addition to the usual cost of shipping, international orders are more expensive. The return policy isn't extremely generous if the product isn't suitable for.

The company offers a broad range of sex toys, both porous and non-porous, and also lubes, accessories, and lubes. The site also offers information about health and wellbeing. The company helps emerging brands and independent makers.


Lelo is a Swedish-based company which makes adult toys is located in Sweden. The toys are simple in appearance, but are packed with features. They offer many options and are made of the finest quality materials.

LELO is famous for their pioneering contribution to the adult industry. Their distinctive design style is extensively employed in the sex industry.

LELO is known for its powerful vibrators. They are made to identify the pleasure of the clitoral and produce powerful vibrations. They are available in pretty pastel shades.

Lelo's vibrators don't have batteries unlike other sex toys. However, they must be properly charged. They might not function properly in the event that they aren't.

Lelo is currently working with advisors to sell shares in the company, which could happen in the second half of year. The IPO is expected be worth more than $1B.

LELO has been recognized by the industry for their innovative sexual toy. They are often described as the Apple of the pleasure product industry. Their products have been awarded from Adultex and XBIZ.

LELO also produces condoms and erotic accessories, and toys. Lovehoney the online store has a large selection of Lelo products. They ship internationally for a reasonable fee.

In addition to their top products, LELO has released a number of new sex toys within the last three years. If you're looking to purchase an sex toy that is new LELO has an assessment for free to help you choose the best product.


S-Hande is a well-known brand in the toy industry. The top-quality brand is renowned for its quality and affordability as well as sex friendly policies. The company offers a vast variety of products related to sex. One of the more impressive offerings is the dbf Tast collection of sex-friendly products. This is all well and great, but what is their marketing strategy? The company's tast-sex policy is as sex-friendly as any major manufacturer that is tast-friendly. The company also has a fantastic customer service record in the Tast-friendly and tast-friendly. Yet, S-Hande is TAST sex lover in almost every corner of the world. Apart from the tast-sex affable tast sex gaff tast tasts for the TAST sex friendly tast o tast tast friendly tast tast for the tast sexually-friendly tasttasttastta.


Ohnut is an adult-toy business which produces products that promote sexual health and health. It is a sextoy that can be used to ease discomfort during penetrative sexual sex. The Ohnut is a soft, stretchy object that fits around the penis's base.

After more than a decade of painful sex, Emily Sauer founded Ohnut. To help women with discomfort in their sex she sought out medical advice.

Ohnut is a multi-purpose device which can be used with standard condoms. The Ohnut is compatible with a variety of lubricants. It is also made of a soft material that allows for greater penetration and a comfortable fit.

Ohnut was developed by a woman who had pelvic pain for 10 years, but was unable to disclose it to her partner. She didn't believe that there was something she could do to ease the discomfort. After consulting with experts, she designed an apparatus to ease her pain and the discomfort of other sufferers.

Ohnut is made of FDA approved body safe materials that are free of phthalate as well as latex. It also utilizes compression technology.

The Ohnut is soft, squishy, and can be used on any kind of penises, from the smallest to the longest. There are four connecting rings that allow for easy and simple adjustments. This ring is water-friendly as well as lube-friendly.

Adam & Eve

Adam & Eve is one of the oldest adult toy companies in the country. The company was established by Phil Harvey in 1971 and has developed from a mail order business to a global organization. Adam & Eve offers a wide range of adult toys and bodycare products.

Adam & Eve stores are located in the United States, Canada and Peru. The stores offer a broad selection of merchandise that include sex toys as well as the lingerie. There are also bachelorette party supplies, lubricants, and other things.

Adam & Eve was founded by Phil Harvey as a mail-order company that sold condoms and sexual toys. The company's focus shifted to other products as the adult toys for cheap market grew. Adam & Eve was also the first US home-based business to provide birth control.

Adam & Eve has been a reputable and reliable company since the beginning. It offers a no-questions-asked guarantee and a secure and reliable system. Customers can opt-out of future promotions if they don't wish to receive unwanted emails.

The website is simple in design and is easy to navigate. Users can see a list of products by hovering over the main product groups. They can also browse the entire list of Adam and Eve's products.


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